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Powdered Metal Processing


Comtec Mfg. Domaille Engineering

Comtec Manufacturing., Inc.



Comtec Mfg., Inc. (Comtec) provides a dedicated and resourceful expertise in manufacturing custom engineered powdered metal components.  Their passion is to serve the needs of the customer through application identification and design assistance to ensure a high quality product at a lower cost delivered when the customer wants it delivered.  They are fully certified and have been registered as compliant to the ISO 9001:2000 standard with an ongoing commitment to its customers and employees for continuous improvement.

The powder metallurgy or sintered metallurgy process offers a cost effective alternative to other standard metal component part processes such as fine blanking, investment casting, screw machine, cold forming and CNC machining just to name a few.  Their process offers “net shape” capability which minimizes costly secondary machining or undesired “process inherent” nuances.

They produce pressed powder metal parts with highly complex shapes such as gear racks,  sprockets, ratchets and pawls, cams, electro-magnetic parts, rotors, shift collars, thrust plates, valve seats and all gear types including spur, helical, bevel, internal and compound gears.

Their library of over 200 different raw material pre-mix compositions parallel the “Metal Powder Industry Federation” (MPIF) standards and consist of alloyed and admixed elements which are conducive to most any pressed metal and/or sintered metal component application.

Materials utilized include iron, iron copper, copper steel, carbon steel, iron nickel, nickel steel, pre-alloyed and low alloy steel, sintered hard steel, diffusion alloyed steel, copper infiltrated iron or steel, soft magnetic or iron phosphorus, 300 and 400 series stainless steel, high conductivity copper, bronze, brass and nickel silver.  They successfully serve the aircraft, hand tool, medical, hardware, appliance, railroad, electrical power distribution, fluid and gas control, welding equipment, and automotive industries.  Their global shipments of powdered metal components include customers in Germany, Spain, Mexico, Ireland, Canada, China and the United States.

Engineering and design capabilities here at Comtec are extensive and include:

  • Autodesk Inventor, a full 3D CAD system for designing component parts as well as tooling
  • AIGOR, a FEA (finite element analysis) software used to conduct analyses for stress and loads
  • UTS Integrated Gear software, a state-of-the-art computerized gear design software for analyzing loads and designing gears and gear systems.
  • Customer file transfer capability includes .ipt, .dwg, .dfx, .igs, .iges, .stp, .step, .sti, and .sat with .step being the best format for data exchange.

Their goal is to succeed and grow through being the “better” choice for their customers!!