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Hobson & Motzer


Hobson & Motzer has been in business since 1912 as a tool and die company.  They started metal stamping in the early 1970s. They excel at high-volume production of tight tolerance metal stampings, most metals including stainless steel and copper as well as plating finishes. Through proven manufacturing processes and industry-leading technology, they are able to create innovative solutions for your most complex component needs. Their precision stamping begins with high quality progressive dies that they design and build in house. Hobston & Motzer get creative when other’s say “It cannot be done”.

All of their presses are equipped with the latest in technology sensors that allow them to run production consistently and safely at maximum speeds with minimum downtime with high quality parts to their customers print.  

  • STRAIGHT SIDED PRESSES ranging from 30- 180 tons with bed sizes as long as 60 inches and equipped with precision feeders capable of running speeds from 60-1200 RPM.
  • Knuckle Presses ranging up to 250 tons: which are ideal for coining difficult, tightly toleranced parts in materials such as: stainless steel, and copper alloys.

Ask them to build a solution for your most quality-critical metal stamping applications!